About Us

Independent Living Supports the choices of people with disabilities to live in a community instead of a medical facility allowing them the same civil rights and life choices as people without disabilities.

Our Goals and core services support independent choice and remain unique to these remote regions of Alaska:

Outreach and Public Awareness
Arctic Access collaborates with other organizations serving the people of the NW Arctic and Bering Straits Regions and we’re interested in having people contact us regarding disabilities-related questions and unmet needs. Limitations may relate to physical, hearing, vision, mental or emotional disabilities.


Information & Referral
I & R is the place to start for questions about disabilities, aging, illness or trauma and related services. Arctic Access staff answers questions and provide information that will help people with disabilities to live more independently.

Individual & Systems Advocacy
Arctic Access staff speaks up for the rights of people with disabilities. When a service isn’t available, we don’t just accept “NO” as an answer; we advocate for change with local officials and policy makers at the state and federal levels. We help you talk to agencies to get the changes you want and help you be that voice of change in your own community.

With your support, we can make a difference. From encouraging homes that are built to be accessible, to advocating for lift-equipped rural airplanes, Arctic Access is working for safe livin and improved mobility for everyone in the community. Join us!

Peer Support & Skills Training
Elders and people with disabilities have a lot of knowledge to share with their peers from their own life experiences. Discussions have been shared regarding coping skills, pain management, traditional remedies, etc. Skills Training can also be provided fae to face, on the phone or on the internet; consider topics such as Self Advocacy, Managing Your Own Attendant, or Computer Use.


Nursing Homes Diversion or Transition
There are elders and people with disabilities in long term care facilities who would prefer to live at home. Arctic Access, with the State Division of Senior and Disability Services, can help develop a plan and put together the services to supports their stay in their own community.

Current Community Projects:
Our Inclusive Garden Project is providing special gardening assistance to seven (7) participating villages of Ambler, Kobuk, Shungnak, Noorvik, Kiana, Deering and Kivaliana in the NW Arctic Region. We’re also working with a Master Gardener in Nome, so let us know what assitance you may need to get back into gardening.

Arctic Access staff does Home Access Assessments to recommend adaptive device and/or modifications that will help make your home more accommodating to any physical limitations.

Referrals to RurALCAP’s Weatherization Program (pending funding) will provide ramps, walk-in showers, grab bars and other priority equipment. Applications to other funding sources are also provided.

Nome now has it’s first lift-equipped taxi to provide equal access to transportation that is safe, flexible and efficient. Low-cot taxi vouchers are also available in Nome for eleders, people with disabilities and people with limited resources.

We Welcome Your Donations

Here’s what we will accomplish together with your donations or special projects funding:

Arctiv Gardening – A master gardener and special adaptive gardening devices assist elders and people with disabilities with preparing, planting, and maintaining vegetables gardens. This project supports health, good nutrition, and self-sufficiency.

Consumer Service Fund – People with disabilities have unexpected costs to remain independent. Our Consumer Service Fund pays for direct services such as short-term personal assistance or transportation, activities providing ‘meaningful involvement’ for the consumer, purchase or rent of items such as reading or hearing devices, or adaptive technology that would otherwise be unavailable.

Equipment Loan Closet – Arctic Access makes a variety of adaptive equipment for loan, such as walkers, canes, shower steps, grab bars and bathstools, that are critical to participant safety, self care, independence, and well-being.

Community access Options – Scooters to be loaned or shared by community members in Nome, Kotzebue and Unalakleet help people with mobility limitations be more independent in shopping, attending appointments, or visiting friends and relative.

The PFD Charitable Contributions Program
Please think of Arctic Access when you go on-line to sign up for your PFD this year. When you see the option “The Gift of Giving,” search for Arctic Access, click and follow the unstructions to make a donation. Information can be found at or by calling us at 877-442-2393

You can also donate via PayPal directly from our website :

As a Center for Independent Living (CIL). Arctiv Access joins a network of other CILs thoroughout the state. Each of the 50 states have their own unique versions of CILs.

Arctic Access provides a model of persistence in these rural and remove communities addressing barriers as challenges and unmet needs as opportunities. We work with people of any age who experience physical, vision, hearing, development, and/or mental health related disabilities, in a service area spanning 61,00 sq. miles with 28 remote communities including Nome and Kotzebue.

Let us know how we can help make rural Alaska more 'user friendly' for people with disabilities.