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Arctic Access is a Center for Independent Living (CIL) operating in Kotzebue and Nome in northwestern Alaska. Our CIL is based on the philosophy that all people have the right to be 'self determined' on through illness, trauma and aging. Functional limitations do not need to limit your opportunities. There are services and adaptive devices available to help you continue to enjoy life in rural Alaska.

  Tuesona Tungwenuk & Ruth Johnson-Butts, Nome Board MembersGive us a call if you have a question regarding accessibility or disability. We can help direct you to local, state-wide or national resources. Or we can help you directly by putting together funding to build a ramp or rebuild stairs to your home. We could help get adaptive devices that might make it easier for you to live independently in your village. Or try out some new Assistive Technology for accessing the internet, for communicating or for learning. 

If you are caring for an elder or someone with a disability, Arctic Access can assist you in signing up for the Consumer Directed Personal Care Services (CDPCS) program.

If you can't hear the services at your village church, we could help get an audio system to amplify the sounds for all those with similar needs. Maybe your village needs a vehicle to help transport elders and others with disabilities across town; we could help find funding for an accessible van or vehicle that will work for your village.

Read more about our services, and contact us so that we may assist you.

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